Friday, 18 April 2014

Bruno’s Guest Post – Dunnerdale Baggings

dozing off...
My view is that the illustrations on the front of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother album are probably the scariest thing since the vet’s needle…….  I mean, its got huge cows on it. I tend not to get on with cows…. I mean they’re often a bit frantic….


Anyway, Pieman let me drive to Kendal where I visited the bro’s house for sweet biscuits and to pee on their rockery. Ria turned up a bit later and …  (did you see that cat?!,)_  we all went off to Dunnerdale where we parked near some farm dogs and walked over some lovely squelchy mossy stuff and up a hill which I detect was called “The Pike”. Some sheep ran away. I noticed that.
stamping on the top of bigert
Later, after a chocolate cake break, of which I had absolutely none and had to hide in the grass due to the wind in my ears, we came back down the way we’d went up, in fact, I could pee in exactly the same places and thus renew my scent, just in case it’s …what was that…?
We crossed a fence. Pieman lifted my over. I could probably have jumped over..but he lifted me over…  Very embarrassing and a bit painful…
ignoring hesk fell
  1. We got to the top of another hill – possibly called “Bigot”, or “Bigert”. I have no idea why. There were shepherds out driving the sheep – rabbit! -  off the fell. Some foxes had  passed the night before. One had done a poo. They’d been all over the place. We trogged off up the hill and there was an egg and tomato butty. Pieman let me have a bit of crust with a tiny bit of egg stuck to it. I suppose he thinks this is enough, the bastard.  Zzzzzzzz  huh?
moggling a jacket
There was a “moggling” session where Pieman wore a new jacket and the Bro took pics. I noticed that Pieman kept the jacket on afterwards. He now had three jackets on. Just as well, it was getting cold and we climbed into the fog and some drizzle.

This PHD Minimus dryshell down jacket is on auction over at the walkersforum and, if it's sold, proceeds will go direct to Mind through the virgin money giving page (which has a link at the bottom of this post. The walkersforum auctionny bit is here
holehouse tarn
We pressed on into the howling blustering ear-lifting gale, passing rocky places which we visited briefly and then steeply downhill to some bogs and some cows and some dogs and, finally, back to the car, nearly ten miles later, and all on the mearest tiny crust of bread and an atom of egg, and a few sweet biscuits. I noticed that somebody on the Isle of Man opened a bag of beef and onion crisps and somebody else, down in Workington was grilling cheese. You notice these things on a strong breeze….
devoke water
Luckily, we went back to Kendal where more sweet biscuits were provided and I had a nice long snooze in the back of the knipemobile before we returned, hours later to knipetowers where the head butler’s assistant butler’s helper provided some proper scoff.
I think we did just short of  - rabbit! or squirrel? – ten miles…
There’s a map.
Apparently, Pieman now has only one Wainwright Outlying fell to do. I’m not all that sure why this important, but it is. maybe there are plans to make the last one (Irton Pike) by getting really drunk afterwards and eating steaks.. 
the pike


Reifyn said...

Dear Bruno~I'm very chuffed to read a post from you, especially the observations about the possible squirrel and the fox poo; being partial to both foxes and squirrels, it's nice to know they're still about. I am very glad you did not sample the cake as it would be not good for your health; and you are right that you should have got a bigger bit of that butty. I hope you will write another post in the future, even though there are more new words in Pieman's posts.

FellBound said...

Great stuff, Bruno. And you didn't roll in the fox poo? Good dog, Bruno. Good dog.

Laura said...

Bruno -- you're a star - time that Pieman gave you your own blog! And more of the pies.......

Dawn said...

fantasmagorical, Bruno you are a genius. You would expect a better reward for all the looking after you have done for Mike!!!!!

Andrew said...

I know Mike has been crook, but what with the driving, navigating, and now writing the blog, I think you deserve a rest Bruno, put your paws up for a few days.

Mike Knipe said...

Reifyn - If I'm allowed, Ill write another. He hasn't found out about this one yet!
Fellbound - I didn't roll in the poo - it tasted awful, actually...
Laura/Dawn - yes I know.. (simper...) If you have any spare pie, by the way.. or cheese... or ham - any old ham..?
Andrew - I do make sure I get plenty of rest. I have some running and barking dreams to do in a few minutes, as it happens.. just licked out the pilchard tin.. so....

Dawn said...

Bruno, there is a wonderful book called 'How to train your Human-A Dogs Guide' You can find it on Amazon. Mind, you may to hide it from Mick. He sort of thinks he is the boss and you do not want to upset his feelings!!!??

AlanR said...

What a shame you didn’t do this on the Saturday as we would have bumped into you. It was very very windy.