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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Money for Mind – How is it going?

don't touch the face, anything but the face

I’m just off up the Borders for a couple of days for a family booze-up  small but bijoux celebration and, in view of a projected lack of pieblogposting over the next couple of days,  I thought I’d take this opportunity to give a little bit of feedback on how things are going so far with the money-raising project for Mind.

I couldn’t help noticing that Gayle has a certain affection for the Excel spreadsheet and so, I thought I’d have a go at one of these too. You may consider the chart below as useful as a waterproof teabag, but readers, I’ve struggled with this for hours and hours. In fact, I didn’t have a beard when I started and look at me now.

While I’m away, I may well get to bag the odd Marilyn and, maybe, a Hump or a Tump or even a very steep but reasonably friendly Law.

Anyway, here’s the chart:


piedosh jan 14

I think this is quite good so far and I’d like to thank everybody who has koffed up some spondoolies in some way or other – in fact , the spondooly koffing sources are approximately as follows:

Donation for Digital Denbighshire £ 50. 00

Personal donations including gift aid £40.00

Gear auctions/sales as donations £136.25

This is pretty much on target so far. So, I’m chuffed and gruntled and even a bit consolate.

In the meantime, a sojourn by the briny just a bit South of the Forth is at the seafront of my mind.

dunbar harbour

Link to virgin money giving site is here    just in case anybody has the urge to top up the total or, maybe, round it up a bit!






Dawn said...

Good to see how things are progressing. Enjoy your foray over the border.

Oldmortality said...

Enjoy! I'm old enough to remember when Belhaven was a decent pint.
Oddly enough (how else ?) I'm planning to be walking down that way on Tuesday . I prefer nuclear power stations to windmills. I'll look out for a bearded bloke who's off his face.

Andrew said...

Not sure about the Excel spreadsheet. I would have preferred a pie chart!

Quinn said...

That's excellent progress! Now after all the stress of spreadsheeting, I hope you can really kick back and enjoy your bijoux celebration :)