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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nearly Time for the Skinny Dip


I’m not having second thoughts about this – oh, no, in fact I’ve been practising Cold Weather Survival.

Its at dawn in the morning – the time most often given over to dealing drastically with deserters, spies, traitors and bowls of weetabix.

Thanks to my on-line sponsors, who now include – in addition to those previously mentioned – Becky, Alan (cheese and wine party) Sloman, Martin (I really wish I had a Hilleberg Akto) Rye and Norma and John Keohane who’s generous offer of doubling their donation if I provide photographic proof that I can do a headstand in the sea will probably not be taken up. (I’m hopeless at headstands and anyway asking somebody to hold my legs could well be taken the wrong way and nobody wants to be taken the wrong way)

Also thanks to the loadsa folks who signed my sponsor form and made various donations large and small, making my total so far at around £275 or so.

But, don’t feel guilty about not donating so far – there’s still plenty of time to cough up some dosh – in fact the on-line facility will remain in place for another 30 days. C’mon now, folks, give yourself that warm and cosy glow of smug self-satisfaction of giving away your hard-earned spondoolies to a worthy cause. We wouldn’t want you to suffer any pangs about being called an auld scrooge or being left out. It’ll be good for your soul. Your karma will be enhanced and remember – what goes around comes around, so don’t be a tight-arse like this chap:

Click here

don't click



Dawn said...

Is this scary or what?????????????????

Mike Knipe said...

It's just wrong, Dawn. Surprising how many people have clicked on the "don't click here" thing though. Normal service will soon be restored.. winter draws on..