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Monday, 8 July 2013

‘Neath the Heat of the Desert Sun - Pennine Way to Tan Hill – Phew

pw tan hill 005
Navigation is simple when you carry your own signpost around. (Thanks to Rob Cunningham for the pic)

I blame the heat and the fact that there was some kind of tennis match on, plus the longest walk on the Durham County Council guided walks programme, and the early start, the price of petrol and the monetary crisis in Greece -  AND  the cheap barbeque supplies at your local Fresco’s – that only five punters turned up, plus one steward, the Very Brave and Long Walk Stewarding Specialist Anne.
pw tan hill 004
Tan Hill Inn
I did the reccy a few days earlier and arrived unruffled after eight and a bit  uphill miles  from Bowes at the public bar at Tan Hill Inn where I fortified myself with two pints of Black Sheep and a pint of Ewe Juice (nom nom – Dent Brewery – 5% proof and only available at Tan Hill) – and then walked eight and a bit miles back again, teaming up at one point with a lass from Texas and her daughter and an English bloke who were making for the Unicorn at Bowes.
On the day, the seven of us did more or less the same thing, except that I restricted myself to a pint of Yorkshire Lager and another pint of Ewe Juice.
pw tan hill 001
OK, they don;t look specially excitable do they? (Its the grey one at the back…)
As identified on the reccy, there are no particular hazards on this walk – just a little boggy bit for the last half a mile or so to Tan Hill, and a few cattle, one of whom was “excitable”, but, apparently harmless. There was a lot of pollen, which caused sneezing. this was about the worst of it.
pw tan hill 012
Rob passes the cairn on the way to Tan Hill
pw tan hill 013
… lots of cotton grass
Apart from arriving at Tan Hill at the same time as about fifty bikers, and the steward leaving the back of her pack open, thus spilling contents all over the moor, it all went reasonably well, I thought. We retrieved a lost fleece by retracing our steps exactly and found it sitting waiting expectantly on the path. It seems nobody else had been that way today.
On the upside, the moorland birds were in full voice and the cotton grass is in specially abundant flower this year.
pw tan hill 008
Walking in heat may cause grumpiness

And it was really hot. I’m trying not to whinge about the heat…..

The walk is 17 and a bit miles of fairly easy going with some big views.
Now I’m off to Wales for several days on a Hewitt bagging expedition. Its going to be hot. The targets for today are on the Northern end of the Cadair Idris group and the Southern end of the Arans – and most can be done from a campsite at Mallwyd. I might bag a Marilyn on the way. I mean, who knows?  I mean, who really cares?
You may read  quietly for a while and, as it’s quite near the school holidays, those who struggle with reading – are you listening John..?  may play quietly with the toy you were allowed to bring to school this morning. Barbara will write the initials of anybody misbehaving on the board.  Martin, don’t do that, it’s not nice – go and get a tissue…   If you’re all really good, we may go on a nature ramble this afternoon after dinner. This is me setting off now….
Here’s a soppy video


Alan R said...

We never did sort that walk out around Cadair. Have a good bagging. Mmm is bagging another word for brew time.

Dawn said...

It is no good, heat fazes us, accustomed as we are to the wind and rain, to bogs and wet soggy ground, hot, dry weather just does not fit in to our vocabulary. What is that great blazing orb in the sky that affects us so? Scary!!??

Louise said...

Do you have a licence for those legs?!

Mike Knipe said...

Cadair might have to wait a bit, Alan. I have a long list of Fings to Do...
Dawn - I expect it won't last. far too hot for me... I'm a Northerner, see..?
Louise - They are rather lovely aren't they? You should see 'em in tights....