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Friday, 26 July 2013

More A-Z Adventure Atlases (says Alan Rayner!!!)


According to Alan Rayner, over on his Blog on the Landscape (link later in this blog post, we don’t want you wandering off on your own, now do we…)   the A-Z peeps have produced some new maps. I wouldn’t have believed this only they sent me the AZ Adventure Atlas to the Coast to Coast path (the Alf (what’s that woman doing in my slippers) Wainwright one which is a de facto LDP.  So, I had a look and, since they sent me a free copy worth nearly eight of your earth pounds, I promised to write about it.

There are seven new titles, mainly but not exclusively based on LDPs (or de facto LDP’s) (for those without Latin O’levels, “de facto” kind of means “in practise, but not really officially…”). These are:

Pennine Way North

Pennine Way South

Coast to Coast route

Cotswold Way

Surrey Hills


Thames path

between shap and k stephen

What’s in an A-Z Adventure atlas?

Well, the Coast to Coast one has the following: (I expect the other titles are similar)

Handy-size for a map case when open

Ordnance Survey 1:25000 explorer series map key

Overview map key showing the limits of each map.

79 1:25000 OS maps showing the route highlighted, along with all alternative routes. (This is a huge weight and cost saving for backpackers)

Index of place names with grid references – including even quite obscure places. very useful for ad-hoc GPS navigation in particular

Route planner with distances in both directions, including an index of facilities at each place – shops, pubs, accomodation etc)

Notes on safety and security and the countryside code

QR codes with useful contacts/websites etc. relevant to the path.

If you order on line before 31 August 2013 using the discount code GETWALKING, you’ll get £2'.50 discount noff the RRP of £7.95 (thats £5.45!)

Alan’s blog with clickable links (I couldn’t be arsed) is Alan's Blog



FellBound said...

I failed my Latin O Level. But I got the top grade in Maths so question. "Distances in both directions"? I struggle with this concept. Are the distances further one way? If so this is useful information indeed. When I do the Coast to Coast I shall go in the direct ion it is shortest.

Mike Knipe said...

Weeellll give that there are several high level/low level/winter alternatives, its possible that a return journey could be a different length to the outward. What it really means is thatthere's a list of places with their distances from St Bees in one direction and another list with distances from the North Sea. See? It avoids the necessity for the reader to be able to do subtraction.