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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Competition to Win an A-Z Adventure Atlas


bruno about to desecrate some juncus

Obsessive readers may remember that around Christmas time there was a short promotion on the pieblog, and also on one or two other blogs for a discount on A-Z Adventure maps. Some may remember that I had a little epic back O’ Skiddaw whilst using one (nothing to do with the Atlas, it was more a case of duff navigation in thick weather)

Any road up – there’s now an easy to enter (and to win, if you know where the hills are…!) competition via twitter here : Competition to win an A-Z adventure atlas

I quite like these Atlases as it happens – apart from the huge spondoolies saved on buying the OS maps, they’ve got a handy index of obscure places with grid references and the atlas is a nice size to fit in a pocket or a map case.

You’ll have to be quick, though…. only a few days to go before the competition closes.

the hill with the bit of forestry is "heads"

Today’s pieblog pictures of from me and superdawg’s very recent walk in the North Yorkshire Moors during which we bagged the very lovely Heads – a sub-HuMP , no less, and had a bit of a strollette around the moors. I go to NYM regularly, about once every five years (I hate the complicated drive from here to there…)

there will be a short gap in blogposts shortly whilst me and Dawn have a trundle around the hills of the Borders just a bit North of Langholm. I understand that there’s an award-winning pie shop in Langholm. Hmmmmmm   pies…

Stop messing about and click the link for a go at the Adventure atlas competition…..!



Paul Crozier said...

Heads? Never heard of it - where be that then? Totally agree on them roads, takes ages to get around. Still, close by for me so i go a fair bit.

Alan R said...

I’m not doing the comp Mike. But you and Dawn have a good pie eating walkies.

Tony Bennett said...

Now there's a spooky thing. As we were pulling trailers round the NYM this weekend, Hilary asked, Does Mike ever come over here? Nah, I said, too far east. And there you were. See you in 5 years time, I spose.

Mike Knipe said...

Paul - Heads is just a bit South of Lealholme, which is just South of the Middlesbrough - Whitby road.
Pies Alan? Qui moi?
Its the wrong side of Darlington for comfort, Tony. The Middlesbrough bit is very complicated... rather go to Keswick, really...

Paul Crozier said...

Heads, found it - after weeks of looking at maps! Fryupdale, i've been across before. Ha! Gonna have to go back now and do it again to make up for failing the geography test - oh the shame :)