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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dawn Launched on Isaac’s Tea Trail Followed by Frog Frolics

bruno's just remembered that dawn sometimes has sweeties

Me and superdawg collected Dawn from the railway station this morning in temperatures roughly twenty degrees celsius warmer than our last trip.

I took her to Allendale and walked a couple or three miles with her Southwards on Isaac’s Tea Trail – she’ll be following Isaac around Nenthead and Alston and back to Allendale over the next few days.

river eats allen near sinderhope


I left her considering a discreet (ish) camping spot somewhere near Sinderhope and wandered back over Stobb Cross to finish a walk of about seven miles. I’ll be back to Allendale to collect Dawn after the weekend.

there's naughtiness in that sogginess

In the meantime, I came across a sure sign of the imminence of spring – a bit of flooded bridleway bubbling with the unbridled lust of many frogs. No, I mean many, many  naughty frogs. They were at it like frogs, in fact. They stopped when I got close and pretended not to be there, but as I turned away, the combined sigh, bubble and splash of furtling frog-kind  re-establishing corporal contact filled the air. The dirty buggers.

stobb cross

In the other meantime, Dawn had left a bag of goodies in the car – mainly and substantially lots of chocolate drops of varying flavours, some of which were scoffed on the drive home – at least till I remembered my appointment with the wieght management nurse tomorrow… dhuhh….   Bruno was specially pleased with his rodeo chew sticks.

In yet another meantime, I expect that Dawn was having a much warmer night than the last time we were out. It was still 11C in tropical Allendale as I drove South (then East…)



Louise said...

how many miles have you clocked up now Mike? time for a service?

Mike Knipe said...

260 this year, Louise. I just can't seem to stop.... But it's all done quite slowly....

Brian Cowling said...

Funny. Thanks.

So good to chuckle (lafff even) first thing in the morning.


David said...

260 miles already! Are you planning to turn into the County Durham version of Forest Gump:-P

Mike Knipe said...

Cheers, Brian, we aim to please (sometimes anyway..)
Louise - Its not my fault, Its an obsession. I'm sick. Lock me in.... lots of walkies this weekend coming up, in fact...

Andrew W said...

It is as ever always entertaining to read your stuff Mike.

Can you send some of your countryside down to the Fens.
Just a bit, we could do a swap.
A bit of bumpy land for a bit of flat.

By the way, that is over 130 miles a month.
That sir is an addiction!

Counselling may be in order.

See you at the Snake.
Not for counselling.
Just see you at the Snake!

I'll get me coat!

chrissiedixie said...

Will be interested to hear how Dawn gets on - I've looked at the Isaac's Tea Trail a couple of times myself and wondered about doing it.

Mike Knipe said...

You wouldn;t like it up here, Andrew. We have contours. They can be a bit irritating... See you at the Snake. I'll be the one with the furry tongue standing hopefully by the bar.
I'll let you know, Chrissie - I'm collecting her on Tuesday. She'll be blogging it as well, I shouldn't wonder.

chrissiedixie said...

You coming down to the Snake in the Peak District then? Pity I've got a broken ankle - I could have come over and gate-crashed. We're only 20 minutes away...(By car, that is. It takes a bit longer on foot over the Snake Path.)

Mike Knipe said...

TGO Challenge English gathering at the Snake Inn March 9 - 11, Chrissie.
You could buy me a pint, even with a duff ankle...

chrissiedixie said...

That's true, but I'd have to bribe His Lordship to drive me over...