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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Durham Riversides Reccy

durham catherdral

Next Saturday I’m leading yet another Saturday Afternoon Special – this time, a Christmas Special from the Framwellgate Bridge in Durham city, specially for those who would rather go for a walk than blunder around doing Christmas shopping. We will be playing truant along the riverbanks.

Now Durham riverbanks have lots of interesting things to look at and enjoy. there are, however, not very many contours and, if, say, you were to try this walk in summer, say, on a long summer evening, there’d be time to visit pubs and bars and there’d be girls in shorts running up and down. On a dark afternoon in December, very little of this pertains. You could go in a pub I suppose.

something on the bridge... definately something there....

Let me just say thanks to whoever it was arranged the safety backup. I appreciate that my previous trip may have looked a bit hazardous and, possibly foolhardy, but , really, having The Team follow me around as discreetly as they could in a big white ambulance with people in red jackets is Not Discreet. neither were the flashing blue lights, siren and the helicopter was overkill. I didn’t mind the lass with the defribillator as she was hiding behind trees most of the time, although on occasion, when I looked back she was tying her bootlaces. Again.  Look, I may be getting on in years and in receipt of free prescriptions, but sometimes its nice to take a risk.

durham riverside reccy 014

There’s also wildlife on the riverbanks. here’s a coot, for instance, just having had his fag break and returning to the coot office routine. That white stuff is ice, by the way.

gone fishing

And some fishermen resting on a weir,  maybe waiting for salmon.


The route went well. There are no hazards to speak of providing you don’t enter the water.

Afterwards, I had a wander around and had a whim to visit the cathedral. This was fortunate as there was a proper-job Christmas carol service going on  with a proper cathedral choir and readings from St Luke and everything…and the cathedral was packed.


I’ve included a picture of the cathedral door knocker. Just for those who enjoy pictures of knockers.

Next Saturday, Framwellgate Bridge, half one. No excuses. Its only four and a bit miles and you can have a pint after.


Eeek said...

One day when I get my exchange and live in Durham I may just pop by... For now I have the joys of Northumberland!

Mike Knipe said...

Eeek (Your name really ought to have an exclamation mark by the way ) - there's nowt wrong wi' Northumberland. Its really just Outer Durham.

Deputy Dawg said...

That is one of the very same knockers that appeared on Blue Peter when I was a lad. The featurette showed both of them. At the end of it, in studio, speaking to the camera, Simon Groom commented to an audience of four million sniggering kids, "What a lovely pair of knockers."