Saturday, 13 August 2011

No Need to be Alone

I went to Durham today and witnessed the folkworks free concert in the Market Place. The bands were really good, specially the yoof band (damn them hoodies) - whooda thowt they'd be able to play fiddles after all that looting?  The standard of playing of the kids is scarily high. It shouldn't be allowed, really. It would seem that there's lots and lots of high quality music to come from this generation.  We're not jealous, obviously, but I was pleased to see that in the middle of some more elderly hippies stripping the willow (its a dance) just by the statue of neptune, a blind bloke with his black dog walked right through the middle, comepletely unaware that he was in the centre of a dance with hundreds of people looking on.
Anyway, I'm off to Wales again. For about a week.
Here's a song. Things that should have been No need to be alone, though.


Anonymous said...

Mike, old thing!

I've moved house and now I'm closer to you. (Be very afraid...)

Let's go for a walk when you get back from Wales. I've changed my computer and lost loads of email addys, so will you drop me a line?

Lix from Piglet and kiss from me xx

(Wanna fight???)

Mike Knipe said...

Puttemup, Wiglet! As soon as I've had me milk, I'll take you on any time. Just don't get too rough, innit, only I'm a bit delicate due to the lack of wrestling practise.
My email address is on the profile thingy on the blog - send me yours and I'll write in English and not Welsh.
I'd like a walk, and so would superdawg.....