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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Ice Age. Roddymoor Destroyed by Glacier

the roddymoor glacier
This is not strictly true, although it may be just a bit early.
Today’s walk has appeared in the Pie Blog on severalteen occasions previously. It is the January adopt-a-path walk checking out various paths and bridleways on the North side of Crook. This is the side with the hill – just about a thousand feet high, in fact. I’ll do the walk again in July.
lichen on a hawthorn
We (me and superdawg) discovered two decrepit stiles and a missing “public footpath” sign, which has probably been borrowed by Pikeys for it’s aluminium. I will report on all this, including the paths which didn’t have any problems, in  a couple of days. There’s nobody in at County Hall anyway.
broken stile there's been a murrrrderrrr
We also met “Bud” a nice little dog and his more scary friend “Fluffy”, a twelve stone crossbred rottweiler  who arrived at speed with raised hackles and a threatening growl and stuck his nose up Bruno’s bum. This is ill-advised for many reasons, I have to say.
We also discovered that after all the snow has melted, it leaves behind a lot of litter and dog poo.
There’s a lovely wind factory on the tops. One day , children, everywhere will look like this
one day it'll all look like this sheep
We met some chickens, some sheep and a young lad walking his puppy. (This is not a euphamism by the way, he really was walking a puppy) and some horses and chickens.
We also discovered, in the graveyard at Billy Row, a small grave with fresh Christmas toys and flowers and so on. What was a bit surprising, and very touching, was that the occupant of the grave died in 1940. That’s seventy years.
How many of us will be remembered by a family for seventy years?
hotel paradiso
And that was it. 5 Miles and 650 feet. No pubs were open. And it was cold and grey.  Its a start, though, eh?
the lane to crook

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