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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Walking the Border – Unfinished business

like a dog (piglet) with a bone

There’s something really unsettling about leaving something not quite finished. There are stones unturned on the Borders walking project.

The particular unstoned terns are these:

1) What about the route from Gretna to Canonbie, specially the Scots Dyke bit?

2) And what about the route up by the English and Scots Kershopes to Keilder? (Could be dull, its all forest…)

3) And (most irritating uninjured seagull) worrabout the Border ridge from Kielder to Hungry Law – including the Keilder Stone and the Carter Bar battle site and tea-van-with-bacon-butties?

Its this last one that I intend to have a look at next (although, maybe a day visit to the Scots Dyke on my way to Moffat in a couple of weeks could be worked in)

So, I have a tentative plan to walk the Border ridge bit at the very end of October start of November. As there’s not much daylight just then, I’ll take two days over the twenty-one miles or so between Kielder and Byrness and walk back to Kielder using the toll road. Its too far for me in that kind of rufty-tufty countryside anyway, so lack of daylight is a fine excuse. In the middle, I understand there’s a bed for me at the Forest view hostel. (I have asked).

This seems to be getting obsessive……

The pic is Peewiglet’s doglet (dog with a bone, see? – Actually , it’s a stick….. dhuhh)



peewiglet said...

OOh, what a fantastic picture of little wee Piglet! Look at those huge, white teeth, and those beautifully manicured nails ♥

She's very shaggy ATM--in need of stripping--and some unkind people even call her... fat! But I know what she looks like underneath.

Ta for making my morning with that picture of my wee darling ♥

Mike Knipe said...

S'oright, Shirl.

You wouldn't want to get on to the wrong end of thise choppers, though, eh?

Hells Teeth said...


Is there any chance of meeting up late October. I would like to pick your TGO route brain. I am in the States until mid October, but would like to meet, perhaps for a drink. Not sure how you feel about being propositioned like this, I would like to say I am a busty young blond but in fact I am a overweight middle aged bloke lol.

Anyway please let me know via

I am only in Witton Park.



Mike Knipe said...

I'll send you an email, Jonothan. I expect we can arrange a drinking session, planning session.....