Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Calf Top Not 2000 Feet High

a cairn on calf top
Just thought I’d mention this as I’m re-bagging the Yorkshire dales 2000 foot tops.
Those hill-bagging height surveyors who recently measured Tryfan and Glyder Fach and so on, have just published some results concerning the height of Calf Top.
calf Top is just to the left of Barbon and, whilst it isn’t technically in the Yorkshire Dales, it is in the Pennines next to Great Coum and not far from the Howgills, so if it turned out to be 2000 feet high, then I’d have to bag it.
As it happens, i bagged it earlier this year, but never mind that – stop being so pedantic.
Anyway, following the resurvey, the OS have accepted the results and , in future, calf Top will appear on new OS maps with a height of 610 metres.
Justaminnit – I hear you exclaim…  610 metres is 2000 feet!
Yes it is. But it’s been rounded up. Apparently, they take averages and use horrible things like probabilities and statistics and things with Numbers. And calf Top is probably just under 2000 feet by a couple of millimetres. 13/16ths of an inch, to be probably fairly precise.
So its not a Nuttall/Hewitt.
And I don’t have to bag it again. I don’t have to, but its rather a nice hill, so I might anyway.
Just so that when you see the new height on your new map, you won’t do anything rash.
The results and survey report are in


Tony Bennett said...

Oh right - and do they measure to the top of the blade of grass or the botton. or do they inlcude that pile of stones. And in any case it's likley to erode by 1/16" in a year, or perhaps be uplifted by that amount (isn't the SE sinking of Britain and NW rising). if you wait long enough it might be an English Munro or whatever they are called. Stomps off huffing at the pointlessness of it all ;¬)

Mike Knipe said...

Oi! Go rant on your own blog. This is Important.
...waiting for an earthquake....

Laura said...

The earthquake just happened close to us here - at 6 this morning - never felt a thing!

Mike Knipe said...

...could be enough, Laura. They'd best go back and have another measure....

Tony Bennett said...

I hadn't actually expected you to publish my previous comment! Anyway,
I did rant on my own blog ( but you've got more followers than me and I'm trying to spread this sedition virally ;)

Mike Knipe said...

Its OK, Tony, we like a bit of sedition, even though we may feign insult.
I publish everything except the very personally insulting stuff.
And the spam.