Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mr Kite

Seems to have developed into a wet week. So, if I’m going to get wet, I may as well do it in warm water, so I’m off to the local swimming pool….

In the meantime, and until it stops raining – here’s Eddie Izzard being for the benefit of Mr Kite.


Louise said...

Gor blimey, it's bit wet around here too. Just what you need in the school holidays! At least this year we aren't in a tent, which we would normally have been. Windswept and interesting doesn't come close!
As I say to my little treasures when they go to the pool, "Don't drown!"

Mike Knipe said...

I managed not to drown, Louise.
It got even wetter outside whilst I was in there.
I think that was the summer.....