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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Adopt-a-path around Crook

ring a ring a footpath sign
I do this walk twice a year as part of my Rangering stuff wot I do for Durham County Council. The idea is to report any footpath problems to the Rights of Way team at County Hall and they prioritise them. Stuff gets done eventually. Some of the issues are fairly minor, though, if just a bit irritating. There’ll be a couple of those along shortly.
bridleway 37 roddymoor
I took superdawg. I always take superdawg. The other dog wanted to come too, but its too far for her…..
So we surveyed bridleway 37 (somebody had shot up the waymarks), 38 (roadside sign pointing in the wrong direction, footpath 25 (wobbly stiles and illegally diverted about 20 years ago…), 18, a bit of barbed wire on the stiles, 20 (nervous sheep), bridleway 33 (fly-tipped gas bottle and asbestos roofing) and footpath 30 (I couldn’t find anything wrong with FP30)
wobbly stile billy row church
I’ll make the reports on-line in the morning. In the meantime I have van appointment with a bottle of vino collapso.
aap crook 031 aap crook 032
The walk is five miles and has 650 feet of climbing and, really, its mainly quite pleasant. Nice views of the Pennines.
This is the same walk in January this year. Brrrrrr….  Soon be Christmas…..
aap crook 009


Meanqueen said...

That's a lovely job to have. My job round here is to litter pick, taking borrowed dog, and reporting any fly tipping.

Mike Knipe said...

Litter picking is available as a job. The Council will provide sacks, gloves and a litter-picking stick thingy...
I was thinking I should do some of that here. We have a lot of litter...