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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Walk Towards the Light!

towards the light

I went underground again today. I won’t trouble you with what I was doing – just more of the same. Read previous blog posts about lead mines and you may well get the picture.

But as I was paddling out, for the first time this year I could smell pollen. I could smell a warm and friendly world from about, maybe, fifty metres inside the mine. Its a good, wholesome smell. Its a loving motherly smell, like coming home from school and your mum's been making scones and eccles cakes.

I always think that coming out of a hole is a bit like being born. I wouldn’t really know about this as I’m no expert on being born as I’ve only done it the once and it was quite a long time ago – and – I never could remember it anyway.

Its a pity that such a deeply moving moment should be spoiled by bad language. I banged me head on the roof….

Anyway, it was all very symbolic.

Next time I feel I might write about something deep, I’ll mention Lake Windermere.


Hendrik Morkel said...

I like the photo =) And I think I could just hear the foul language in the video...

mike knipe said...

I think there may be two expletives Hendrik. I probably talk to myself like this all the time.....