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Sunday, 11 April 2010

A little Sunday rambling

tunstall reservoir

After a bit of a lazy morning involving more than one breakfast and multiple slugs of hot caffeine, I eventually saddled up superdawg and loaded up the knipemobile for the short hop to Wolsingham.

waskerley beck

I’d worked out the route over the third, or possibly fourth coffee and it were quite grand.

The sun was shining and the little lambs were gambolling in the fields (I think they were playing blackjack…)

by waskerley beck

The winter-worn footpaths took me up alongside Waskerley beck ( a good place to watch salmon jumping in November by the way) – and around Tunstall reservoir which was full of geese and fly fishermen fly fishing. We lunched in the warm sun.

The little nature reserve at the head of the reservoir was heaving with basking frogs and a few jumping fish. I’d remembered that this particular area was also well populated by adders – which would be out sunbathing today on the edges of the plantations and in the heather. I resolved to watch out for the sake of the dog. He’s always a bit too nosy when it comes to snakes. I didn’t see any today, though, but I’ve seen loads of them around here previously.

After this we walked up the hill onto the moor which contains one of County Durham’s more notorious and draughty dogging spots. But we didn’t get that far. I noticed a cow. then I noticed a cow with a calf. Suckler cows are really bad news when you’ve got a dog. Even superdawg is nervous. One of the cows spotted us and walked off in the opposite direction, followed closely by it’s offspring. We diverted.

waskerley valley

From a higher position I could see that the herd was a large one and occupied two fields. We could have been in bother with that lot.

But we weren’t. So we followed a pleasant green track over the moor with good views of Weardale, visiting the summit at all of 353 metres and then back into Wolsingham.

wolsingham north moor top

A short and easy little plod of just 7 miles and 850 feet of ascent. A sort of pot-boiler, I suppose. The snow on the hills is almost all gone – just a few strips of white in the higher wrinkles. Today was heather burning on the moors. It looked as if there’d been air attacks. Its an April thing.

More walkies in a day or so….



Martin Rye said...

Are you Challenge fit yet Mike? Looked a fine Sunday stroll.

Meanqueen said...

I need to come up your way for a walk one day. I used to drive a tanker and deliver to the reservoir at Weardale, passing through all the villages on the A689. I loved it up there.

mike knipe said...

Crikey - You two were quick with the comments!

Martin - I won't be really Challenge fit till I walk through the doors of the Park Hotel. Nice walk, though - not very threatening (apart from the cows)

Meanqueen - yes - Come up and have a trundle up bonny Weardale. Was that Burnhope reservoir? (nice little round of the tops from there.... if a bit boggy...)