Monday, 16 November 2009

ASDA bargain camera


Readers of this and Martin Banfield’s blog ( he won’t be blogging about this by the way) may be aware that my camera has been poorly  and, well, basically, just not itself recently.

Then, last night, on the telly, I saw an advert which said that ASDA are selling digital cameras for Fifty Three of your Queen’s pounds.

So, today, I went and got one, plus a 4 mega elephant memory card thingy (sorry to be so technical by the way) for a total price of sixty quids. I also got a kipper for 86pence, but the wife paid for that.

Tomorrow, I intend to eat the kipper and then drive off to the sunny Lake District to bag a few little Birketts, and, maybe a HuMP and take some pics with my new camera.

The technical details of the camera are:  ……………..  

Well, , honestly, you’re not really interested, and neither am I.  Look, its a disposable camera. Its guaranteed for a year. It will last just over a year, unless it drowns in a cave, or gets eaten by an Ork or something -  and then I will get another one. Its disposable, see?

I took this with it earlier


Bruno really shouldn’t be in that armchair. He’ll be in bother.


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