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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Whernside - absolutely the last PS

"The last PS" sounds like a 1960's Everly Brothers song.. Probably E, A and D with a middle 8 in Bm.

Anyway - My wife has just returned from a visit to her dad in Halifax and, as she does on some occasions, she came back to Durham by our favourite route through Skipton and the Yorkshore dales (8 miles shorter than the motorway and, generally more fun). And, as she does sometimes, she came back with a copy of the Craven Herald and Pie-on-Ear.

It would appear, from reading this paper, that two days after me and Mike climbed up the patch of snow, some poor lassie fell down it and ended up with a head injury and cracked ribs. It would seem that she fell doen the bit we'd climbed up.

I'm not all that surprised as the snowdrift building on the summit was filling in the gap between the wall and the steep scarp slope and, in hillfog and snowstorm, the boundary of the scarp slope was quite difficult to make out. I nearly blobbed off it myself. Its a bit unusual, though, to have this sort of accident on this particular hill which is generally considered to be fairly safe. Its also a bit unusual to attack it with crampons and ice axes....

Anyway, I hope she's all right.

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