Friday, 26 October 2018

Lucky The Dog Review Woofbags–Doggy Sleeping Bags

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Well, I must say that just because Friday night is Merlot night here at Pietowers and The Pieman isn’t really in a fit state to write anything sensible (whoa, there’s a cat on telly……)  xxxxxxxxxxx   what was I saying? Oh yes – just because he’s got Plonk Lassitude, he’s given me the job of reviewing “Woofbags”
Now “woofbags” are doggy sleeping bags (just in case you didn’t know) and (somebody’s just opened a pack of cheese and onion in Spennymoor, but I shall ignore it. Apologies if I just dribble a bit and keep an ear cocked….) .
Woofbags are made to order using propah human sleeping bag stuff by Chrissie Crowther over in the Peak District. Prices and  detailed stuff like that are on a special blog that she’s made, and, as I don’t have access to any actual currency (I never really bother, leaving all that sort of detail to The Boss), you’ll just have to read the blog – a link to which is at the end of this.
So – what do I make of my woofbag.
It’s green.
It’s very cosy.
I sit there, in the damp grass, covered in rain, shivering and digging a nest in the juncus as Mike pratts about putting up the akto. As soon as it’s up, though, I’m right in there and waiting for my bed to be made. There’s yet another long wait whilst Mike sorts out sleeping mats, unpacks stuff and sings  pop songs or old Steeleye Span tracks grossly out-of-tune.
Eventually, a small piece of old yellow karrimat is produced and my lovely, toasty woofbag is opened up for me to get in. I usually do four turns clockwise, followed by four or five turns anti-clockwise before collapsing in a damp heap with my nose up my tail. At some point soon, a collapsable bowl is produced with my tea in it. This is pushed under my nose so I don’t have to move much. Then it goes dark.
After a significantly long night, a  cold, grey dawn seeps into the akto and a breakfast is inserted into the bag. The breakfast seems to be exactly the same as the supper from last night.
Eventually, after some resistance from me, I’m dragged out for a wee and The Boss begins the process of packing everything up for the day’s walking.
I like my woofbag.
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If you have a dog and you like to go camping, wild or not, winter or summer, you really should get one of these for your pooch, specially if you want your pooch to have a cosy and undisturbed night.
Your canine kompanion can be folded in and covered up completely, or the top can be left open if it’s a bit on the warm side. Personally, I hate chilly draughts and Pieman tucks me in. I can still wander around in circles inside without disturbing the draught defences.
daunder 022
Is it heavy? I’ve no idea – The Pieman carries it. I just carry my food, poo bags and a security device thingy in case somebody unauthorised  wants me for a pet. Apparently it’s about 400 grammes, which is nothing, really…
Pieman has promised a Gunpowder Plot Night hide-out in the hills somewhere and we’re having a three or four-day walk in the Ayrshire Hills later in Novenber, so the woofbag will come into it’s own quite soon, I hope.
Chrissie’s website thingy is here (click the link yer great dozy prune)
I’m off for a nap now, to build up strength for my main sleep later on.

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Unknown said...

Hi LTD, woof for saying such nice things about my mum's Woof Bags! I love mine too and I don't have to carry mine either, mum does. I do have to carry my food and bowl though. By the way, I think you look wonderfully handsome in your bed and did you know you're my Third Best Boyfriend? Pebbles xxx