Friday, 7 September 2018

Wenselydale With Crook and Weardale Ramblers


We did about ten or eleven miles. 

Let’s not forget that walking, at the bottom line, is a form of entertainment. Here’s Kath, the leader, swinging about on a rope swing we came across.

The Pieblog is firmly in favour of this kind of stuff….


AS well as the lovely, green mileage and the good company there was also quite a lot of very sweet and ripe blackberries, probably as a result of the hot weather in June/July

I think there were ten of us humings, plus Lucky The Dog, who got a bit beside himself in the company of some pheasants.

It was all very enjoyable.


Join the Ramblers for access to  wide selection of fablious walks!!  (Although, the general purpose of the Ramblers isn’t really as a federation of walking clubs, innit – more of the political stuff later, perhaps…..)

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Dawn Linney said...

It is good to see folks getting out, having fun and generally enjoying themselves!