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Saturday, 1 July 2017

We Did It Again… Cheviots and Beach Bivi


This time it was Cold Law, a 452 metre Tump beside the Harthope Valley – in driving, wetting drizzle, a very short and very damp walk followed by another night at Ross Back Sands, this time with LTD in tow and Dawn’s big bivi with a huuuge groundsheet by me.

The driving drizzle of the Cheviots was replaced overnight by a short period of North-East har (sea-fog) and the day turned out to be generally warm and sunny. There was some odd and furtive behaviour by some elderly individuals in the dunes who used secretive routes to get to their destination and then kept popping up and down to see whatever it was that was going on, which, frankly, wasn’t very much.

The sea was in a rumbustuous sort of mood, making for exciting dipping but generally, it calmed down quite a bit during the day.

I dare say that more of this type of thing may well be happening over the summer. The shape of bivies may well be fairly variable, however.


So, we survived the glaur up Cold Law and the lost the permissive path back down again and hurried off to the coast for a bivi. Supper was beef bolognese pasta, cooked properly the night before and frozen and brekkies was crispy bacon in ciabatta rolls. LTD had a bit of bacon, but threw it up an hour later, not eating his breakfast till mid-afternoon.


We might do this again.


FellBound said...

You'll get sand in places no man should. Then you'll be sorry. You mark my words.

Quinn said...

Throwing up bacon? What ails the poor fellow?

Dawn Linney said...

A good one Mike, will get the tarp setup a bit better next time!