Tuesday, 6 September 2016

(Don’t) Get Lost - Read Bondringo

coniston old man 008
In the vernacular of the vicus attached to the Southern approaches to knipetowers, we’re full o’ busy this week, having a guided walk, plus the reccy wot I did yesterday, a possible, nay, probable splodge down Ash Gill and bits of the River Tyne between Ash Gill Force and Garrigill during which I’m hoping to a) not get bitten by horseflies like wot  happened last time and b) not to drown or otherwise get washed away and c) that its fairly warm weather. Friday should be a walk with Dawn followed by an overnight with lamb steaks on a beach somewhere oop Northumberland and Sunday is for shopping and packing for the Beer Trekkin missing link between Todmorden and Skipton with JJ,  Dawn and LTD. This should take 3 nights and is likely to end either in the Cock and Bottle or the Royal Shepherd in Skipton.
If anybody knows any dog/scruffy hiker-friendly pubs in Todmorden, I’d be pleased to receive appropriate intelligence.
long man reccy 008
In the meantime, out of the blue, I was contacted recently by Matt Hale asking me to review the navigation part of his outsoor website.  There’s a link to it below and if you’re interested in learning hill-walking navigation or improving or otherwise revising what you already know, click the link for a look, or, indeed, click on any of the pictures in this post.
Bondringo learn navigation
I’m leading an 11-Mile guided walk tomorrow starting at Bollihope near Frosterley and views exactly like the one in the picture above will be available. Pretty, innit? 


Dawn said...

fu' o' busy indeed Mike. Looks as if you have been almost run of your feet! Will nip over and have a look at that navigation thingy.

Unknown said...

Too many years since I lived near Tod to know any pubs I'm afraid....