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Monday, 6 June 2016

England's Highest Pub Crawl - A bunch of pictures

Camp near Laddow rocks

This may be my final pontification on the subject of England’s highest pub crawl – unless and until we fill in the gap between Todmorden and Skipton.

I have lots of photies and it would be a shame not to show some of them to give peeps some idea of the walk and, hopefully, maybe an idea will insinuate itself into the occasional braincell that this jaunt is a jaunt worth jaunting.

I meantersay, there’s beer involved. Lots of beer. Potentially – much of it really nice..  And lots of walking too..

Just sayin’

If anybody wants route details with extra options for variations (as if you couldn't make these up yourselves!) you know where I am - email address in my profile...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Click on a picture to make it bigger
Flash! Gordon's alive!!

Damp start

Deepdale (Midshires Way)

Bradwell Moor

Down to Edale


Camp Snake Pass


Laddow Rocks

Summit of Black Hill

Haigh Gutter camp

Blackstone Edge

Camp near Stoodley Pike

..and squeeeeze...

Dales High Way Malham Moor

Gordale Scar

Malham Moor

Littondale - Knipe Scar

Descending to Kettlewell

Above Cray - Wharfedale

A wet do on Shunner Fell

Tan Hill Inn (Yay!!)

Coast to Coast path

Shooting box on the CtoC

Railway path to Smardale

Smardale Bridge camp

Snoozy snoozy sleepy time


Camp at Mosedale Cottage

Haweswater from Harter Fell

High Street from Mardale Ill Bell

Ill Bell ridge

Memorial on Stony Cove Pike

Kirkstone Pass Inn from above!

Discreet camp ..somewhere..... must tidy up...


Dawn Linney said...

Cracking photos Mike. We really must go back and do the missing link.

Meanqueen said...

Very entertaining and informative posts on your pub crawl. I recognize some of those places. makes me want to go again.

AlanR said...

Well done Mike.

Andrew & Little Brenda said...

Nice shots Mike. I think we know what Lucky carries in his panniers now we've seen that Trig Point seat on Bradwell Moor?

Chrissie Crowther said...