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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Beer Trekkin–All Ready To Go

pre beer trekkin 001

This is it, men. Over the hill.

I spent almost the whole day today packing a rucksack and searching for lost things to put in the rucksack.

Very attentive readers may remember that me and LTD and Dawn are intending to attempt to walk between the highest several (four main ones and some others) public houses in England.

pre beer trekkin 004

Thus, we have train tickets for Buxton. leaving late morning tomorrow.

On Tuesday we’ll be catching the X15 Stoke-on-Trent bus which will take all of 13 minutes to get to Flash where the walk begins at the Travellers Rest.

We’ll have light packs tomorrow and stay for a second night in Buxton.

And then the challenge begins. (Not the TGO challenge which starts roughly – very roughly – on Friday and good luck to everybody I know who are setting off for the coast on that day ) The plan is then to walk to Tan Hill Inn, drink some beer (just me, Dawn doesn’t and LTD isn’t old enough)

And then we will try to walk to Kirkstone Pass Inn via Shap.

The planned route is 319 kilometres in 15 days.  We may knock a bit off this.

We may fail.

We may get a lock-in. We live in hope.

Actually, we live in Crook….

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christine hindle said...

Have a super trip, both of you 😊

Mike Knipe said...

Crikey, you were quick there, Chrissie..... We're probably doomed, but we're setting off anyway.

FellBound said...

Brill idea. Enjoy. Don't forget to take proof of age so that you can get served.

Mike Knipe said...

David: I keep offering proof of age at the Asda checkout in Bishop Auckland, but they just laugh. I can't imagine why - it's a bit disheartening, really...

Quinn said...

Hope you have pleasant weather and a great time!
By the way, Mike, you may not remember but some time ago you kindly gave me excellent advice on walking poles, and I wanted to let you know they have certainly made a difference. On good days, I can walk at least twice as far as I had been going, and even on a pretty terrible day, I can at least totter along for a bit just to keep Piper entertained (she's nearly old enough to drink, but isn't allowed). Thanks again!

Alan Sloman said...

Good luck Sir!
We’ll be following you in spirit. Talisker probably.

Dawn Linney said...

Have me pills, white cane, (well not quite!). A teetotaller on a round of the pubs, what next??

AlanR said...

319km walking forwards. Any idea of how many staggering backwards.
Sounds a good plan and i bet you get a lock in at the Kirkstone.