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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Test to Confirm a Rumour

birds eye fish finger

I’ve walked from Cow Green to High Cup NIck twice in the last few days – once as a reccy, in the company of Lucky The Dog, and once with a dozen or so walkers on a Durham County Council guided walk. This involved passing this very lovely Bird’s Eye Primrose four times. And I thought Birds Eye did fish fingers.

This is a test to see if Windows Livewriter and Blogger really have sorted out their differences.

Incidentally, and more importantly, thanks go to Oldmortality for the donation to Mind. We (and I really mean me, here) are grateful.



John J said...

Rumour confirmed....good eh? It's made me want to go for a Cumbrian walk in the morning - drop me a txt msg if you fancy driving over. Probably around Staveley - Kentmere?

Dawn Linney said...

Looking good Mike