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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Catching Up On Causey Pike

henry, superdawg and causey pike

Facebook is responsible for this walk. I recently had a contact from an ex-work colleague and hillwalking pal from about twenty years ago and this week he’s up from Cornwall for a few days in Keswick with his son, intent on walking up a mountain or two.

And so, I met Mark and his son Henry up a street full of B&Bs in Keswick and orf we jolly well went up Newlands for a climb up the front end of…End. This is Very Steep. And a bit slippery due to the rain which had just stopped.

mark follows-up on rowling end

Henry, being but a mere whipper-snapper and not carrying huge amounts of wobbly fat, fair hurtled up the hill and was there long before me and Mark and, without any apparent ill-effects such as wheezing, coughing, whingeing or having a cardiac incident. Bruno also made it in good shape.

ard crag and stuff

henry tackles a rockstep

We continued – Henry bounding off in front, me and Mark stumbling and cursing behind – on up the also steep nobble of Causey Pike. This has fine views, so we lunched. Mark told me what he’d been up to for the last 20 years, and I gave him the roll-call of early mortality of the staff of South-West Durham Health Authority HQ who were no longer with us and who had shaken off their mortal coils and gone to meet their makers and so on.. This was to confirm just how lucky we were to be alive, specially after all those brutal contours we’d just crossed.

scar crags

zig-zag path to sail

We concluded with a short traverse of the very fine and shapely ridge over Scar Crags but were turned away by the new zig-zags which go up to Sail in favour of a poddle down the mine track back to Newlands and the public bar at Braithwaite. We had a bit of a late start and it was murky and dark and Mark’s bursting thighs had to have some reserve left for the punishment of more contours tomorrow…

But we did five and a bit miles and 2000 and a bit feet and caught up a bit after a twenty year gap.

Facebook, y’see…..



dittzzy said...

Your blog entries always make me smile. I love picture number 3, thas some view. :-) Tracey

blogpackinglight said...

The climb up Causey Pike always surprises me by how tough it is. Last time I was up there, I did the same as you and decided not to walk the ridge but return to Braithwaite.

Alan R said...

It's good to talk. So i'm told.
So you had a good weather day. That makes a change and all those steep bits too. Exciting eh.

Mike Knipe said...

Thanks Tracey (simper....)
This is the third time I've climbed/heaved up Causey Pike, bplight - never gets any easier, although I thought the scrambly but was easier than last time for some reason...
We didn't have "good" weather, Alan. It just didn't rain all day. Contours. Lots of them, all in a bunch.

Mark E said...

Thanks for the walk Mike. Henry & I really enjoyed it. Positively skipped up Skiddaw the next day despite the 90mph+ winds.

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

I can't believe they've done that to Sail. They should be incorporating names of nearby mountains .... Scar Crags, ... Scarred Sail !!