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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spring Starts to Spring in the Woods

catkins near button bank
The son in law arrived this morning bearing jump leads, so we debifrillated the car and I took it for a bit of a spin and some pre-budget petrol. This would have been a really good idea had the Chancellor not reduced petrol tax…
And so, it being a warm and sunny day (17.5 C according to the knipemobile’s warmth sensors), I decided it was time to try out the knee and I went for a walk.
Today’s trundle took me through various bits of woodland I had been through before, and other bits that I hadn’t. There is lots and lots of woodland in this neck of the… no that doesn’t really work, does it…? Anyway, lots of trees, you get the picture, I’m sure….
It was nice to see coltsfoot in flower, the odd dandelion and a daisy (these are all technically speaking, daisies by the way) – and there was a lot more bird song than the last time I was out, and a few spring lambs enjoying the sunshine.
There were lots of other walkers, too – it being a Wednesday, of course (Wednesday is the day when people who don’t have jobs break up their week by going for a walk)
deerness valley walk
So, we trundled happily through the woods over the hill to Waterhouses and back over the hill to Crook.  The day was notable also for the number of frogs making un-frog-like sqeaking noises in various ponds and, apparently, playing some kind of piggy-back (froggy back) game….  Not sure what all that was about, really.
Some prune had dumped a load of rubbish – mainly women’s clothing and general garbage. I had a close lok at the clothes, but they were well unfashionable and too small anyway, so I left it. Disgraceful. Somebody went to a lot of effort to dump this stuff. Have they no pride? Have they no council bin collection?
pony notice

I was hoping to see the Exmoor ponies at Button Bank, but they were hiding or something.
It was just seven miles, which may not be much, but its a start. The knee is only painful when I use it for bending. For walking, it seems to be fine…
Look at the map and see the contours!
deerness valley


Alan Sloman said...

Ahhh! Sinks into Mike's Happiness Blog...

"AB, CD contours!"
"MNO contours!"
"RA? O L..."

This is so much better than real life.

Mike Knipe said...

In Yorkshire...

RD Contours?

I thang you

The Odyssee said...

Wubbish is proliferating everywhere it shouldn’t. I don’t understand why when it’s free to get rid of the stuff properly.
Glad to hear/read that the knee is improving.