Saturday, 10 September 2016

Nearly North-East Skinny Dip Time Again

skinnydip 016
Yes readers, as the sun finally dips behind the shadow of the equinox and the dark time of the year begins, there’s the annual get-em-all-off-and-run-screaming-into-the-North-Sea and-back-out-again-fairly-quickly-whilst-shivering-uncontrollably event. (Its at dawn at Druridge Bay visitor centre on 25 September 2016)
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In order to lengthen the amount of time spent in salty water at around 12, maybe 14 degrees of your Queen’s centigrade, and to make the experience much less of a shock on a body better designed for warmer climes than Northumberland, its quite useful to have a few dips into the sea first, probably over an extended period. Thus, the body gets used to the cold and, in fact, this happens reasonably quickly.
So it is possible, whatever you may think, to extend the period of enjoyability as far as the water temperature is concerned by a substantial and significant margin. And this means that the other aspects of the skinny dip can be much more enjoyable too. I’m talking about the positive aspects of doing something slightly daft and that your Mum might not approve of. And the positive effects on body image and the realisation that, as there’s several hundred naked people involved in this, that the fact that we’re all different, makes us all the same.
humbleton and ross b sands 008
humbleton and ross b sands 009
So, in order to get a bit of acclimatisation, me and Dawn have been having little bivi’s to Druridge Bay and Ross Back Sands and these have involved a certain amount of “dipping”, although not necessarily of the skinny-type. They’ve also involved Dawn developing bivi shelters and the lighting of small fires or barbeques and attemptin to cook meat and spuds.
They’ve involved starry nights and the sound of waves.
Lucky The Dog has enjoyed these trips too.
And we’ve had a walk or two in the Cheviots beforehand.
humbleton and ross b sands 010
This week’s bivi was at Ross Back Sands again – a beach which has been competely deserted from early evening till late morning and occasionally populated by naked people and dog walkers ignoring the naked people. Prior to this we bagged Humbleton Hill on a short walk from close to Wooller. The day had started wet, but cleared up quite suddenly producing a day of blustery breezes and blue sky.
The sea was remarkbly calm given the windy conditions. It was still cold, though…
humbleton and ross b sands 002humbleton and ross b sands 003
I’ve just bunged a tenner in the North-East Skinny Dip’s Virgin Money-Giving Account. I have supported Mind in the past and Mind is the Skinny Dip’s charity. So, if you have a spare spondoolie or two, you can support me and Dawn’s daftnesses by inserting some of your cash into the NESD’s account.
humbleton and ross b sands 014
There’s a link here which will allow you to do it, or you can click on the picture of the naked girl and the press photographer below…
Gwan – spend some dosh. Or come for a dip…
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Dawn said...

A little bit of daftness never harmed any folk, thus I concur with Mike, come and join us or bung a few pennies in the pot!