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Thursday, 12 November 2009

TGO Challenge Route Planning – That Sinking Feeling


A Challenge Stalwart Describes the Tick Currently in His Underpants

…that you’ve made an error. Its kind of been sinking in, from intelligence gathered on internet forums, blogs, conversations, and even the fleshpot of Settle (Poppies Tearoom ) that large numbers of people are planning to start their 2010 TGO Challenge at Lochailort.

This morning, whilst considering a slice of toast, I got a sort of sinking feeling about this.

Maybe its going to be a bit overcrowded – its not a very big place and I don’t necessarily crave much company till I’ve walked a bit and lost a few arguments with myself about something and nothing. I’m terrible at certain times of the month, apparently.

So, I’m rejigging , my route completely. I’m not going anywhere near Lochailort.

So much for having already designed the route.

Bits of it are still intact, though

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ukmase said...

I think our route will transform several times before it is finally nailed on.

Its good fun this TGO business, plenty to keep your mind busy in the cold dark nights.

mike knipe said...

If there's four of you, are you doing your planning by long-distance committee? Or do you have a supremo?
I'm lucky cos I only have myself to negotiate with.

ukmase said...

Well t-dude has tramped all over Scotland so he is putting together the rough plan.
Then i just annoy the other 3 by suggesting every munro within 10 miles of the route.....

We are thinking of starting in Dornie - any tips from this point?

mike knipe said...

Its a good starting point - it has Eileen Donan Castle, for instance , and an outdoor gear shop if you've forgotten anything.
There two or three routes - eg up to Iron Lodge or over the Falls of Glomach, which are a bit exciting - through to Glen Affric.
There's two pubs as well, so you could do a pub crawl the night before! There's a bus from Inverness, so its fairly easy to get to (Inverness train from Edinburgh gives you a couple of hours in Inverness (try the Eagle) - but the bus I caught last year arrived by the skin of
You need to book a place on the bus, or it'll be full! (Citylink)

Alan Sloman said...

Of course your foul weather alternative for Lochailort could be Strathcarron - asssuming of course that you got on the wrong train from Queens Street - a perfectly possible wotsit (I cannae remember the right word here as I have only just got back from Boys Night at the Axe & C...)
What - who ? Me...?
No .. Surely not.

mike knipe said...

I think its sorted out now (it rained yesterday)

Phil said...

I had a look at Glenuig last week.

mike knipe said...

I've never had that one, Phil. I've currently got a bottle of Jura